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We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of medical supplies Equipments, Hospital Furnitures, Stainless Steel Hollowwares, Sterilizing System .

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We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of medical supplies Equipments, Hospital Furnitures, Stainless Steel Hollowwares, Sterilizing System .

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We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of medical supplies Equipments, Hospital Furnitures, Stainless Steel Hollowwares, Sterilizing System .

Our Products Range

Atlas Surgical is a manufacturer and suppliers of a wide range of high quality medical, surgical and hospital products. Our products are ISO 9001 and CE certified. Here is our product list:

Hospital Hollowware
Instrument/Surgical TrayKidney Tray with & without CoverCatheter TrayDental TrayDressing TrayMayo TrayCidex TrayBaby TrayBowl SolutionWash BasinGallipot with & without LidBed PansUrinal/Urine PotIrrigator (Douch Can)Spittin Mug with LidForceps JarThermometer JarFeeding CupSyringe BoxMidwifery CaseSurgical BoxesBucketPlastic Hollowware   Bed Pan Female   Bed Pan Female With Cover  Bed Pan Male  Bed Pan Square  Bowl  Commode Pan Large Medium  Gallipot  Kidney Tray  Plastic Basin  Spitton Mug Round  Spitton Mug Square  Surgical Tray with Cover  Urine Pot 2 in 1  Urine Pot Female Heavy  Urine Pot Female Light  Urine Pot Female With Cover  Urine Pot Male Heavy  Urine Pot Male Light  Urine Pot Male Light With Cover
Sterlising Equipments
Autoclave Alu. Pressure Cooker Type Autoclave Pressure Cooker Alu. ElectricAutoclave Pressure Cooker AluminiumAutoclave Pressure Cooker Type SSAutoclave Horz. High Pressure CylindricalAutoclave Horz. High Pressure Rect.Autoclave Vertical High PressureInstrument SterilizerAutoclave Six Wing Nut AluminiumSingle and Double Rack SterilizeDressing Drum with Button SystemDressing Drum with Chain SystemDressing Drum with Middle-Bottom HoleDressing Drum with Top-Bottom Hole  
Operation Theatre Equipments
  Electric Operating Table  Hydraulic Operating Table  Operation Table Side End Control  Operation & Examination Table (Hi-Lo)  Operation & Examination Table (Fixed Height)  Operation Examination Table  Operation Table C-Arm Electric  Operation Table Hydraulic C-Arm Operation Theatre Lights   Surg. Operating Lights, Ceiling, 7+4 Reflector  Surg. Operating Lights, Ceiling, 7 Reflector  Surg. Operating Lights, Ceiling, 4 Reflector  Surg. Operating Lights, Floor, 4 Reflector  Surg. Operating Lights, Mobile  Examination Light  
Medical and Hospital Furniture
ICU Bed Electric ABS PanelICU Bed Electric Wooden PanelICU Bed Manual Operated ABS PanelICU Bed Manual Operated Wooden PanelFowler Bed ABS PanelFowler Bed Regular ModelFowler Bed Wooden PanelSemi Fowler Bed ABS PanelSemi Fowler Bed Regular ModelSemi Fowler Bed Wooden Panel Commode StoolFoot Step DoubleFoot Step Double Rubber TopFoot Step Double SS TopFoot Step SingleFoot Step Single Rubber TopBed Side Screen Four FoldBed Side Screen Three Fold Delivery Bed 2 SectionDelivery Bed 3 FoldObstetric Delivery BedObstetric Delivery Table 3 SectionObstetric Delivery Table Telescopic Basin StandBowl Stand Double Plastic BaseBowl Stand Single Plastic BaseOver Bed TableCrash CartDressing TrolleyDrug TrolleyDrum StandInstruments CabinetInstrument TrolleyKick BucketLinen TrolleyMayo Tolley With Wooden TopMayo TrolleyMayo Trolley With GearMedicine TrolleyMedicine Trolley With DrawersMedicine Trolley With TrayOxygen Cylinder trolley Baby Bassinet Acrylic TopBaby Bassinet FoldableBaby CradlePeadiatric BedHosptial Ward Plain BedAttendent Bed Examination Table 2 FoldExamination Table 3 FoldExamination Couch With Cabinet & DrawersExamination Table PlainGynae Examination- Table Plain Ambulance StretcherEmergency Recovery TrolleyEmergency Trolley MechanicalyFoldable StretcherPatient Trolley with Fixed Cushioned 2 Section TopStretcher on Trolley with MattressStretcher TrolleyStretcher Trolley with Side RailingTransfer Trolley System  
Artificial Respiratory Equipments
Resuscitator SiliconeResuscitator Black Rubber Silicone Face MaskAntistatic Face MaskRendel Baker Silicon Face MaskRendal Baker Black Face Mask Rebreathing BagsAnaesthesia Close CircuitGuedel Pattern AirwaysCorrugated TubeOxygen Reservoir Bags  
Emergency / Disaster Management Equipments
Ambulance StretcherBlanketBody BagsFoldable StretcherFoot Suction PumpRespiratory EquipmentStove (Brass)Stove (Metal)Suction MachineTourniquet RubberWiresplintJerry Can  
Medical, Surgical and Emergency Equipments
IEHK2006 KitMidwifery KitObstetric, Surgical KitResuscitation KitSterilization KitSurg.inst., Abdominal / SETSurg.inst., Basic Surgery / SETSurg.inst., Curettage / SETSurg.inst., Delivery / SETSurg.inst., Dressing / SETSurg.inst., Embryotomy / SETSurg.Inst., Exam/Sut, Vaginal/CervicalSurg.inst., Suture / SETFirst Aid Kits  
Hospital Rubber Products
Rubber Tubes & Catheter   Depezer Catheter  Malecot's Catheter  Nelaton Cathetors  Magil Endotracheal Tube Nasal / Oral  Rectal Tube  Stomach Tube  Ryles Tube  Ring Pessary Red  Lavine Tube  Douche Tube Various Rubber Products   Corrugated Rubber Tube - 10cm  Corrugated Rubber Tube - 30cm  Corrugated Rubber Tube - 105cm  Blood Pressure Bulb Complete  Vaginal Douche Spray  Inflated Ring Pessary Red  Breast Pump  Ring Pessary Black  Asepto Syringe  Ear Syringe  Kellys Douche Pad  Pipet Inflator  Pipet Bulb  Mouth Gag  Infant Syringe 2 OZ  Ring Pessary Red  Mackintosh Sheeting  B.P. Armlet Bag with Two Tubes  Corrugated Rubber Sheet  E.C.G. Electrode Bulbs  Ice Bag Throat  Ice Bag Oval  Douche Bag  Hot Water Bag  Air Cushions  Bellows  Politizer Bag  Chloroform Bellows  Ice Bag Round  Self Enema Syringe  
Laboratory Equipments and Instruments
>Glass Wares   Alcohol Lamp Glass  Beakers  Beakers Conical  Beakers Low  Bottle Reagent Narrow Mouth  Bottle Reagent Wide Mouth  Bottles, Pp , Autoclavable, Wide Mouth  Burner Bunsen  Centrifuge Tube Conical  Centrifuge (Hand)  Dishes (General Purpose)  Funnel  Glass Measuring Pipets  Graduated Measuring Cylinders  Petri Dish  Test Tube  Tripod Stand  Volumetric Flasks Laboratory Equipment Plastic Wares   3 Tier Test Tube Stand  Aspirator Bottle  Beakers Plastic  Funnel Long Stem  Conical Flask  Conical Measures  Reagent Bottle (Wide Mouth)  Sample Container (Press Fit Type)  Wash Bottle  Test Tube Stand  Measuring Cylinders  Measuring Jugs  Coplin Jar  Bottle Amber  
Hospital Apparels / Garments
Draw SheetHole SheetLabour Table Sheet Bed SheetAprons (Disposable)Aprons (Reuseable)Boot Cover (Disposable)Boot Cover (Non-Disposable)Instrument Tolley CoverOT Table CoverDoctors Coat (Disposable)Doctors Coat (Reuseable)Lab CoatPaitent GownSurgeon Gown (Disposable)Surgeon Gown Reuseable)Paitnet Suit Slippers (Disposable)OT Kit (Disposable) Abdominal BinderNew Born Baby KitHand TowelMatteress CoverPillow CoverDust MaskHospital Linen OT LinenStethoscope Cover Headmask / Caps (Disposable)Headmask / Caps (Reuseable)Facemask (Disposable)Facemask (Non-Woven)  
Forensic Equipments
Mortuary ChambersCadaverous InjectorBone & Meat Cutting Machine "SAW"Autopsy Table  
Diagnostic Equipments
ENT Set    Glowland Type    Glowland Type Black    Heine Type    Heine Type Gray   Otoscopes Heine Type   Otoscopes Heine Type Brass Laryngoscope   Lamps   Laryngoscopes   Laryngoscopes Baby   Laryngoset Sphygmomanometer   Sphygmomanometers Aneriod  Sphygmomanometers Mercurial  Sphygmomanometers Mercurial Floor Model  Sphygmomanometers Mercurial Wall Model Stethoscope   St. Cardiac Dbl Side Alu. Anodizes Chestpiece  Stethescope Teching  Stethescope Bell Chestpiece, Double Outlet  St. Dbl Side Golden Plated Chestpiece   St. Dbl Sided Aluminium Anodizes Chestpiece  Stethescope With Sprague Bowls  Stethescope With Triple Chest Piece  Stethescope Nurses  St. Dbl Side Brass Chrome Plated Chestpiece  Stethoscope Bowls  Stethoscopes Available in Different Colours Diagnostic Products   ENT Tongue Depressor  Head Band  Head  Headlight  Percussion Hammer  Percussion Hammer Queen  Percussion Hammer Taylor  Percussion Hammer Taylor Ty  Proctoscopes  Tongue Depressor  Tongue Depressors L  Tuning Fork  
Rehabilitation Products
>Cervical SplintsAbdominal SplintsWrist & Elbow SplintsKnee Calf & Ankle SplintsGeneral Aids  
Cold Chain Equipments
Vaccine CarriersCold BoxIce Packs  
Disposable Products
IV Cannula With Wings & With PortIV Cannula With Wings & Without PortIV Cannula Without Wings & Without Port3 Way Stop CockThree Way Stop Cock With Extn. TubePressure Monitoring Line  
Opthalmic Products
Adult and Child Trial FramesBinocular LoupeDeveloper TanksEye Testing AppartusEye Testing Drum IlluminatedEye Trial SetHanger and Clips X-RayIndirect OphthalmoscopeIshihara Chart BookLaminated Snellen ChartsLead ApronOphthalmoscopePelvimeterRotter Test TypeSingle and Double Retinoscopic MirrorStreak RetinoscopeTonometerX-Ray View Box DoubleX-Ray View Box SingleX-Ray Cassettes  
Miscellaneous Products
Umbilical Cord TieKerosene StoveBucket PlasticInfantometerLength MeterHand Nail BrushTubular TourniquetChartModelsSoapSoap CaseMeasuring TapeBody BagPVC SheetingLanternsTorchHealth Worker BagKit BagShoulder BagDoctor BagNail CutterNeedle / Syringe DestroyerAmber BottleSafety GogglesHospital StationaryArms Circumference TapeDifferent Types of Medical KitsSurgical InstrumentsGarbage BinsLoop HolderLoop WireStaining RackIce PackVaccine CarrierWashing BottleDrinking GlassRazor BladesTimerPoncho  
Orthopaedic Equipment
Orthopaedic ImplantsOrthopaedic Instruments
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